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Why Is Akhil Not Finding A Heroine?

Why Is Akhil Not Finding A Heroine?

It has been three months since the launch of Akhil's second movie, but there is no news of the finalization of female lead for the film. Why?

There were reports that Alia Bhatt turned down the offer and some news came that Megha Akash, who is debuting in Nithin's "LIE" was selected. But here comes some interesting dope.

According to reports, the movie doesn't have a lengthy role for the heroine though it is a romantic drama.

As per the story, the heroine makes the hero search for her while she is hiding somewhere. Well, does this sound like Yandamoori's "Vennello Aadapilla"?

As there is not much scope for heroines other than appearing in dream songs and a few sequences, majority of the starlets have turned down this role.

On the other hand, director Vikram Kumar is now looking for new heroines. Let's see who will get the lucky chance to act opposite young and handsome Akhil.

But it has to be remembered that such films have been made in the past and there is a mystery element to such stories. So, a newcomer would be the best choice.

Secondly, though there was huge hype and hoopla prior to the release of Akhil's first film, his first film too did not have too much scope for the heroine. So, looks like not many girls are interested.



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