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Why Does Varun Tej Need Shopping In Dubai?

Has Varun Tej too started playing star tantrums? The star is now reportedly putting lot of demands as he believes there is a demand for him.

Varun Tej went to Dubai to buy the clothes for his next movie in the direction of Sreenu Vaitla at the expense of the producer. In the film, he plays a rich guy. So he wants some high ended branded clothes.

But today all international brands are available in Hyderabad. Even better brands can be bought in Mumbai. But still he went to Dubai with his costume designer to buy the clothes and did the shopping there. 

Varun Tej also posted this on twitter. He tweeted, "After the end of a three day non stop shopping marathon in Dubai with nischayniyogi."

Among the current young mega heroes, he is better looking guy. But he didn't get the chance to be stylish guy in any of his three movies he did so far. So he is looking for makeover. Hence he is shopping himself the dresses. 

Although none of his movies have become blockbusters so far, he is demanding more from producers. This is how budgets hike up in Tollywood.



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