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Why Did Nagarjuna Make That Comment On Akhil?

Everybody knows how much euphoria Akkineni Akhi's first film had generated in the film industry. It was launched with a lot of fanfare under the direction of V V Vinayak and production of Nitin in a big way, but it belied all their expectations.

The problem was not with Vinayak or somebody else, but was with Akhil who had okayed the story in his eagerness to become a hero overnight.

In fact, several experienced people in the industry, including Nagarjuna and Vinayak reportedly tried to convince him, but Akhil firmly believed that the story would work out for him. And finally, it proved him wrong and all the others right.

After the film bombed at the box office, Akhil took a long time to do his second film and finally, he has begun it under the direction of Vikram who made the successful film “Manam.”

So far so good. But what surprised everybody was the statement made by Nagarjuna that he was relaunching Akhil with this film. Though his first film might have flopped, everybody including Vinayak and Nitin worked hard to launch Akhil as a hero.

Just because the film has become a flop, it is not correct on the part of Nagarjuna to discount the film from the career of Akhil and say that he would be relaunched again. If this film too ends up as a disaster, will Nagarjuna say he would relaunch Akhil again with the third film?



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