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Why Did Kona Venkat Omit Brahmi This Time?

In many ways, Sankarabharanam is a parade of Telugu comedians. Kona Venkat’s ability to pen funny scenes and comic lines is well-known and every comedian worth the name has been roped in for the film.

From those who made their mark in short films to those whose career is on the upswing, everyone is seen in the film. Even Viva Harsha, Saptagiri and some from the Jabardast gang did their part for the film.

As if Telugu comedians are not enough, Bollywood’s Sanjay Mishra too has been roped in and he made people to laugh. But, one comedian who was found missing in this movie is of course Brahmi. Brahmi always had a special place in Kona Venkat’s comedy.

From Chary in Dhee to McDonald Murthy in Ready and exorcist in Geetanjali, Kona Venkat took special care to present Brahmanandam.

Why is he missing this time? If Kona Venkat really wants, he can sneak in Brahmanandam somewhere among the many kidnappers. But, he didn’t do that? Brahmi’s omission is now being talked about.



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