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Why Did Balakrishna Avoid Srinu Vaitla?

Balakrishna who appeared in great mood at the TSR TV9 National Awards event, refused to hand over the award to director Srinu Vaitla!

When Srinu Vaitla is called upon the stage, Balakrishna said "I won't give the award to Srinu Vaitla. So you do the honours," he said to T Subbirami Reddy who was standing next to him.

Balakrishna forgot to off his collar mike while saying this and he was caught saying it aloud that has immediately become a topic on social media.

Balakrishna maintained fair distance to Srinu Vaitla while he was on the stage. He didn't even greet him with a smile or congratulate him for receiving the award. Wonder what happened between the duo as we didn't hear gossips about their rift.

Balakrishna also didn't make any eye contact with Bandla Ganesh, who was also not greeted by Mohan Babu. However the Blockbuster producer is happy to receive the award from his favourite actor Megastar Chiranjeevi.



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