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Why Are Reddys Own Up Hero Vishal?

Reddys have little importance in the Telugu film world. Several Reddys in the film world carefully omit their Reddy suffix as a precaution.

Some Reddy boys are currently doing well in Tollywood, but the community hasn't owned them up for whatever reasons.

Now, Reddys are looking towards Tamil Industry. They are owning up actor Vishal. These people are not missing any Vishal film of late. They are also happy that Vishal has won the Nadigar Sangham polls handsomely.

What more, Vishal has already made a name for himself with his flood relief activities in Chennai. He is wading into waters to reach out to the victims. For many, he is not just a reel hero, but a real hero.

Now Reddys are suddenly active and are using the full name of Vishal in their conversations. They call him Vishal Krishna Reddy and consider him to be the pride of Reddys. They are happy for his good work.

But, will the Reddy tag really benefit Vishal if he choses to enter Tamil politics?



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