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Why apologies on drug case, RGV asks film chamber

Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma on Monday once again hit back, this time at the Telugu film industry, for meekly surrendering to the Telangana government on the alleged drug racket and indirectly admitting the role of some film stars in it for no fault of theirs.

Varma took strong exception to the Telugu Film Chamber writing an open letter to the Telangana government tendering apologies over the alleged links of some film personalities with the drug scam.  

The film chamber appealed to the government not to target the entire film industry for the fault of a few individuals.

“Who told you that a few individuals indulged in drug peddling? The police have not even filed a charge sheet in the court. So, it is not sub judice. By saying that a few individuals had links with drugs, the film chamber has committed a big blunder. It should tender apology to the film industry, rather than the government,” he said.

Varma pointed out that none of the film personalities who was questioned by the SIT of the Telangana excise and prohibition department said either openly or indirectly admitted that he or she had connections with drug peddling. Even the officials have not disclosed any film personality’s name.

“Why did, then, the film chamber apologise, as if it has already been proved that the film stars had committed crime?” he asked.

The director demanded that the film chamber should write open apology letters, if the SIT failed to prove the involvement of film stars.  

“At the same time, all the film stars who were questioned also should write open letters on what they disclosed to the SIT,” he said.



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