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Who Will Fans Support Now?

Though from the same family, Balayya and NTR Jr are rivals at the box office. In fact, while Balakrishna's films make Rs 40 crores effortlessly, NTR's films make around Rs 50 crores.

So, for now, NTR has a upper hand when it comes to revenues. But Nandamuri fans maintain that Balayya is a bigger star than NTR and in the past couple of years, they have been avoiding NTR's films and they have also been negatively campaigning against NTR films.

And the divide is also impacting the market of NTR, say those who love NTR. Now, NTR is trying his best to win over all sections of the audiences with his Nannaku Prematho and he has added all elements to entice his audiences. But the film will be competing with Balayya's Dictator for Sankranthi 2016.

So once again, Nandamuri fans will have to chose between NTR and Balayya. Wonder who they will be loyal to this time around...



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