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Where Did Vanitha Reddy Get Evidence?

Where Did Vanitha Reddy Get Evidence?

In a latest development in Vijay Sai suicide episode, his wife Vanitha Reddy has finally surrendered before the police.

Vanitha has been absconding for 11 days following her husband's death. Before committing suicide, Vijay Sai had taken a selfie video accusing his wife of torturing him which led to his decision of taking his life. Based on the video, the police had issued notices to Vanitha Reddy.

After surrendering at the Jubilee Hills police station, Vanitha Reddy said she had been to various places to collect evidence and that she had no intention of absconding.

In fact, soon after the death of Vijay Sai, Vanitha Reddy had given two pictures to the police. Now, she had various other proofs which included intimate pictures of Vijay Sai with other women he had affairs with. She also provided some audio files as part of evidence.

Claiming that she never tortured her husband, Vanitha maintained that Vijay Sai had sexual encounters with other women right in their house, due to which she was contemplating divorcing him she added.

While the evidence does look straightforward, it will be quite some time before the police are likely to let go of Vanitha Reddy.

For starters, Vijay Sai is said to have provided some crucial information in his selfie video. Also, Vanitha Reddy seems to have a 'dubious' side to her, thanks to the two different passports she carries. She is also known to go about under various names.

In fact, Vara Lakshmi happens to be the real name of Vanitha Reddy, but she has used names like Vanitha, Brundam, Vinny on different occasions.

It is being said that the police also questioned her about changing different cars of late.



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