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When Will Rajamouli Give Inputs to Amaravathi?

The Andhra Pradesh government has roped in director S S Rajamouli as “aesthetic consultant” for the capital city of Amaravathi.

It was CM Chandrababu Naidu’s idea to bring Rajamouli on board for designing the iconic structures in the capital city.

When the government suggested his name as the consultant to master designer Norman Foster, the international architect didn’t show much interest. But Naidu made him to meet Rajamouli.

Chandrababu Naidu was impressed with the sets of “Baahubali”. He felt that Rajamouli is good at aesthetics.

Naidu wants Rajamouli give his ideas about Indian-ness and grandness of the structures. Rajamouli would also be getting good money for his inputs.

Rajamouli who was then busy shooting for “Baahubali 2” when CRDA officials approached him, the director told them that he would give his inputs after the release of the movie.

50 days have passed but Rajamouli has not yet approached the government.  He went to UK first and then went to Romania.

He will be back in Hyderabad this week but he is said to have no time for the work of Amaravathi. Rajamouli will be moving to his next movie shortly.

On the other hand, Normal Foster firm has already prepared the final design of Amaravathi.

So, it will be interesting to see how Rajamouli would change the final design with his ideas.



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