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What's the Picture All About?

The picture of Rajamouli along with Ram Charan and NTR Jr has gone viral immediately after Rajamouli tweeted the fun picture. Goes without saying, there was lots of speculation around the picture.

Mostly, it was felt that the picture was a hint about the next picture of Rajamouli, which might have both Ram Charan and NTR Jr in the lead.

There has been talk since a while that the film will have more than one hero. Incidentally, Rajamouli simply tweeted the picture, without any caption.

That aside, another angle was that of the recent Kamma - Kapu controversy on social media that was triggered after the Nandi awards were announced recently. This could be a silent way of telling people that all was well between the Kamma and Kapu groups in the industry.

Also, Rajamouli himself was trolled for being casteist recently. So, he could be showing it with a picture instead of speaking out. After all, one picture is said to be equal to a 1000 words.

Whatever be the reason, it is one picture that shows camaraderie between all three.



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