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What Will Happen To Mahesh's Promises?

What Will Happen To Mahesh's Promises?

Every time a film of his flops at the box-office, Mahesh has a magic trick to calm down his producers. After consoling the producer, he promises to do a film for them. Naturally, this instantly silences the producers. 

Since the producers bank heavily on his star status and since Mahesh charges nothing less than Rs 20 crore, it is expected of Mahesh to return at least half of his remuneration when the film flops. Instead, Mahesh promises to do a film for the producer.

He promised a film for 14 Reels when Aagadu failed at the box-office. The film did not happen till date. After the failure of Brahmotsavam, he had to do another film for PVP as a part of a prior agreement.

However, saying that director Vamsi Paidypally and PVP were having communication problems, Mahesh diverted the project to Dil Raju. So, before the end of 2018, he still has to do a film with PVP.

And now that Spyder has failed, there are rumours that he has made a similar assurance to the producer of the film NVR. So now the big question is, is it mere eye wash or will Mahesh keep his promise?

Mahesh has to do a film with Vamsi Paidypally. Then he has a film with Trivikram. The producers for both the films are in place. If he does a film with Rajamouli, there is a producer in waiting.

If that is the case, then where does this leave 14 Reels, PVP and NVR?



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