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What Is Koratala Trying to Say?

What Is Koratala Trying to Say?

Director Koratala Siva stirred interest among netizens when he tweeted about current political system. People began wondering what prompted him to make such scathing attack on politics. He finally has opened up.

But his explanation has turned into a damp squib. There is lot of fire in his tweets but his answers are timid and vague.

A news channel interviewed him to know what made him to tweet politically loaded statements.

He said that he got disappointed with the current political system as it is the only field in India that is not showing any progress though our country is moving forwards in all fields.

He seems to be scared to pinpoint any government - AP political field, Telangana politics or national politics.

He tweeted, "Politics becoming dirtier and dirtiest. At an all time high. God can't save it. We can. We only can."

But Koratala Siva replied that his tweet is about generalised statement about polity in India.

Few days ago he also asked governments to set up Special Investigation Team on more menacing corruption than on drugs.

His tweet implied that he was angry with the Telangana government for targeting Tollywood celebrities. But in his explanation to the news channel, Koratala praised the government and SIT officers.

"I am astonished the way the government made people seriously think about the drug menace with its action. If such will power were shown about other menaces, the society would be far better. That was what I meant," he replied.

His 20-minutes interview lacked any startling points. Koratala Siva is just making vague statements. There is also talk that he is building up momentum for his movie 'Bharath Ane Nenu' which is also about politics.



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