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We Will Never Be Brothers Again: Nara Rohith

We Will Never Be Brothers Again: Nara Rohith

Of late Nara Rohith’s career isn’t shining bright with poor success rate. Despite recent failures, Rohith isn’t back stepping on experimentation as his next film Jyo Achyuthananda co-starring Naga Shourya as one more hero and Regina as heroine is hitting screens on September 9th.       

“Jyo Achyuthananda is one of the beautiful scripts I worked in my career. An emotional story between two brothers isn’t tried much in this generation except Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Unlike many rumors speculated on Jyo Achyuthananda as a remake or inspired from some other language movies, this is very much a fresh and youthful film to run between two brothers Naga Shourya, me and a girl Regina,” said Rohith exclusively to

Rohith, who drew criticism on his flabby look has come up with lot of physical strain to look younger besides relatively a charming Naga Shourya.

“I lost eleven Kilos after completing Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. My efforts started to pay off. I am receiving appreciations for matching as Naga Shourya’s brother in the film’s promotional teasers. I need to lose eight more Kilos in next two months to prepare for my upcoming commercial project to begin in October. I may flaunt six packs, if everything goes as per plan,” Rohith gave a surprise.

In Jyo Achyuthananda, he plays a character with two shades.

“By the trailer, people should have got an idea about our characterizations. I play Achyuth in the movie. I look younger in flashback episode takes you back by five years when I just passed my graduation. Into present, I maintain some maturity. What’s the story linking both of my shades is the crux,” he added.

Central screen space in Jyo Achyuthanands is shared by Naga Shourya and Regina alongside Rohith. But, there weren’t any ego clashes between two youngsters.

“I have seen more of a younger brother in Naga Shourya. Sensitivity in script and common interests bought us so close. We enjoyed each and every moment in the process of Jyo Achyuthananda. We developed to build a bond during common script reading followed by test shoot. Director Avasarala Srinivas played an effective role in making us feel comfortable in each others’ company.                 

Our rapport and wave length matched so well that we both have decided never to act in the future as brothers because that might dilute the essence in Jyo Achyuthananda anytime if we watch the film again,” he said with a confident smile on face.



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