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Watch: Poonam's Panjaa Against Pawan Kalyan?

Watch: Poonam's Panjaa Against Pawan Kalyan?

What is happening with Poonam Kaur Lal? What is her action plan? Is she going to heat up the political scene of Andhra Pradesh with some startling revelations?

Will she speak up about the “person” who plays games with the lives of women, as the latest promo on ABN Andhrajothy is suggesting?

We don’t know what she is going to do but this channel has cleverly readied a promo for the interview of Poonam Kaur Lal.

Like Poonam, the reporter Neha is also North Indian woman settled in Hyderabad. She did a special interview with Poonam at a Gurudwara and the conversation between them is in Hindi langauge.

The promo of her interview ends with these lines: “Prashinachandam Modalaindi. Poonam Kaur’s Outbursts.” The promo bang has this title: Panjabi Panjaa.

‘Panjaa’ incidentally is Pawan Kalyan’s movie title. And “Prasnichandam” is the catch phrase of Jana Sena party. So, the channel is putting her against Pawan Kalyan? Or she is going to question Pawan Kalyan?

Recently, critic Katthi Mahesh made allegations that Pawan Kalyan recommended Poonam Kaur’s name to Andhra Pradesh government to take her as brand ambassador for AP Handlooms.

What actually is going to upon? The promo certainly has raised curiosity.



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