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Watch: Pawan fans thrash man for criticising film

Fans worship celebrities and do not entertain any adverse comments on them. This is more so, if the celebrities are film stars.

However, in a recent incident fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan went too far when they mercilessly thrashed a youth for his comments against the Agnyaathavaasi star.

A video surfaced online of a group of men hitting a guy and we hear the warning in the background. “Whoever speaks against Anna will face the same situation.” They then cheer loudly, “Pawanism! Pawanism! Jai Pawanism!”

It all started when a Twitter user posted a video of himself spitting at a poster of Pawan Kalyan’s recent movie Agnyaathavaasi and showing a slipper to express his frustration.

He says, “Is this a movie? I lost my money on it. It’s utter flop.” The user had captioned the video, “Powerstar fan review on #Agnyaathavaasi. Feel the pain.”

The user intended it as a joke that would get people laughing. This was done in a lighter vein, but fans of the actor were offended. Only instead of the verbal battle online, they tracked this guy down to issue a warning. 



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