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Watch: Mahesh Was Emotional And Cracked Jokes

Watch: Mahesh Was Emotional And Cracked Jokes

First thing that comes to our mind when referring to Mahesh Babu is his sense of humor. Talk to him for at least few minutes, you will admit it for sure. He cracks lots of jokes whenever he opens his mouth.

Likewise, Mahesh Babu’s sense of humor is observed while speaking at Bharat Ane Nenu success meet. Actually, he was bit emotional initially, because he’s enjoying success finally after two years of flop-streak. 

“I never expressed earlier but I was feeling lots of pressure for last couple of years. It was a stressful period I was drained mentally and emotionally. Now, it’s a big sigh of relief for me,” stated Mahesh.

Talking about his co-stars, Mahesh Babu said, “Most of the films that I have worked with Brahmaji were blockbuster hits. It was amazing to work with Kiara. I’m really happy to say that, Telugu industry has got another big heroine.”

About his director, Mahesh said, “I will always be grateful for Koratala Siva. He provided me break with Srimanthudu when I was going through lean phase. And it’s once again Shiva who gave me another big break with Bharat Ane Nenu when I was again going through tough phase.”

Mahesh Babu mentioned very high about music director Devi Sri Prasad as well.

“As to relieve myself from pressure, I went out on a family vacation, though I was continuously making calls to Koratala Siva. I know he was hectic busy with post-production works.

I indeed felt contended and relaxed whenever I spoke to DSP on phone during the time. I can’t explain his positive energy. I had already told about songs in the film. Coming to BGM, he’s a story-teller, not a music director.”

About lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry, Mahesh Babu said, “Ramjo, you rocked bro.” Everyone burst out laughing.

About his producer DVV Danayya, Mahesh said, “Actually, Danayya’s reactions are completely new and different.”

When I called to congratulate him for the success, he told me, “Hit authundandi endukavadu. Avvali kada. Adi aayana reaction. (I know it will definitely become a hit. Why can’t it be? That’s his reaction.)

Danayya gaaru immediately asked me, when we will be working again. Now, I’m telling, Danayya garu, I’m happy to work with you again and again.”

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Mahesh Babu later participated in question and answer session with media:

Mahesh Babu informed that, he went to his mother Indira Devi’s house to have coffee, just a day before release of the film. As we all know, Indira Devi’s birthday was on 20th.

When asked whether he’ll take initiation to fight for struggles of normal people like he adopted villages post release of Srimanthudu, Mahesh Babu answered, “I don’t reveal out, but I always do charity and other works which are helpful for needy. But, one thing I really proud of doing such a great film which can be stored in library for next generations to watch it.”

Producer Danayya informed that, Bharat Ane Nenu success meet will be celebrated in Tirupati on this coming Friday.



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