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Wanted: Trivikram For NTR!

'Janata Garage' could not get the expected talk of a hit film. Perhaps, NTR might have anticipated it much before its release, which was evident from his statements that he was not enjoying the star image and that he wanted to be remembered as a good actor.

In the past, NTR used to assert that his ambition was to become No. 1 star in Telugu film industry, but now one fails to understand why he suddenly started talking in a philosophical tone.

What is more, NTR gave up the project which he had fixed to do with director Vakkantham Vamsi. Since it happened before the release of Janata Garage, it clearly shows NTR had his own doubts over the success of the film. Apparently, he is of the view that he should do his next film with a director who can guarantee a hit; though so far, he has not fixed up anybody yet.

Sources say NTR is banking on Trivikram Srinivas, since he is of the view that only Trivikram can provide a platform for him to attract the class audiences. However, Trivikram is already committed to do his next film with Pavan Kalyan. But NTR is not going to give up.

He is learnt to have sent feelers to Trivikram that he was ready to complete the film within just three months. Let us wait and see whether Trivikram would agree for this proposal or not.



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