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Vishal To Take On With Pandava Sena

Vishal To Take On With Pandava Sena

Elections are elections everywhere and whether they are general elections or general body elections, there is equal fervour among participants. They go all out to promote their party or team.

Tamil-Telugu actor is all out to promote his panel that is headed by character artiste Nasser in Tamil Nadu. Well, like our MAA here, Nadigar Sangam is the artiste's association there and Vishal is part of one panel.

So this time he has taken it upon himself to talk about his panel and make sure that it wins maximum votes. However, his tactics have surprised many as he has been indulging in aggressive promotion.

Remember when elections were held to MAA? At the time, there was a face-off between Jayasudha and Rajendra Prassad and the panel members criticised each other publicly and it even brewed up a full-on war of sorts. Of course, by the time the actual election happened, everything was well and it was said that all was fair in war and politics.

Vishal is calling his team Pandava Sena and along with them he is seriously into canvassing for his panel.

Among his panel's agenda is to help poor artistes in Tamil industry and rebuilding the office of Nadigar Sangam. Now, he has become the talk of the Tamil industry and the inside talk is that he is being supported both by Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan.

Vishal has also questioned the current panel that is heading the Sangam and want to bring about many pro-active changes say Tamil industry insiders.



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