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Virat all praises for his 'lady luck' Anushka

Virat all praises for his 'lady luck' Anushka

Virat Kohli, after his 2008 debut, was labelled brash, “spoilt-brat”, hot-tempered and the like apart from getting plaudits for his batting.

Getting back at opponents and having a go at everything had sort of taken the attention off his brilliance with the blade.

However, after 200 ODIs to his name and earning another 60 caps in the Test format, his aggression seems to have gotten channelled in the right direction over the years.

Recently, Virat was all praise for his ‘lady’, while on a chat show. He even went to the extent of calling Anushka his 'lady luck'. 

The cricketer, in a candid answer, said that “he had no brains before” and ever since “the lady” has come into his life, she's taught him a lot of things. 

He added that he’s learnt a lot, and become more sensible in the last 4 years all because of her. She's taught him how to be more patient and taught him how to utilise the position he is in to the fullest, he said further.

Virat also reiterated that Anushka has stood rock solid with him over the years, even when he was going through a rough patch in his career. 

He went on to recall that during a tour of England in 2014, Anushka was there in his life, she understood what he was going through so she kept him motivated. Her support helped him push through and she was a constant in that time. 

The cricketer also spoke about those who said: “this is what happens when you allow girlfriends on the tour.” He said that he felt, "if you don't think this is right then no one can be in a relationship". 

Virat also revealed that it was Zaheer Khan who advised him against hiding his relationship with Anushka.



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