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Vikram Keeps Akhil In Waiting

Akhil Akkineni heaved a sigh of relief after finding Vikram Kumar as the director for his second film.

Akhil was left in doldrums after his first film Akhil bombed at the box office. He tried to rope in many of the popular directors for his second film, but nothing worked out.

At a point, Akhil even considered relatively new directors, but luckily he found Vikram Kumar, who has the knack of churning out something special in each film.

Although the project has been officially finalized, pre production work is yet to start as Vikram recently got married to his girlfriend.

Vikram is taking time for his post wedding plans and tours and therefore Akhil should wait for few more months to face the arc lights.

As per reports, the film is likely to be launched in January and will aim for Dasara 2017 release. So there will be a gap of exactly two years between Akhil’s first two films. Hope the Akkineni Prince hit all the right notes this time.



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