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Vijay Devarakonda's Over Action At Peaks

Vijay Devarakonda's Over Action At Peaks

Pelli Chupulu fame Vijay Devarakonda is going overboard with his antics and speeches lately.

The craze and hype around his upcoming film Arjun Reddy seems to have gotten to his head that he is behaving like a ‘Messaiah For Youth’. His arrogant speech at the pre release event of Arjun Reddy has shocked many.

He started giving free advice to youth as if he is a superstar who has excelled in his field of work. His speech is filled with F words that are totally unnecessary.

He might have acted in an Adult rated film, but that doesn’t mean he is certified to use such unparliamentary language in a public event.

Apparently he got too much into the skin of the character that he is behaving like Arjun Reddy in real life too.

He took digs at censor board for muting the word ‘Mada*ch*d’ in the film. He made an appeal to the youth to dub for him in the theaters for that muted dialogue.

He also made the youngsters that attended the event to say that word many a time. Vijay’s odd behavior and over confidence turned out to be a talking point on the social media.

While extremely successful actors and stars try to remain grounded and be humble all the time, this young man is setting a wrong example for the youth.

Hope he learns his lesson soon and take a cue from talented yet grounded actors that are around him.

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