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Vijay Devarakonda Uses His Influence

Here's an interesting episode regarding a prominent newspaper. While Arjun Reddy film got very high ratings from most websites and dailies, this newspaper on its website gave the film a rating of 2.25 for the film which took everyone by surprise.

But then, it’s understandable because there are people who feel that Arjun Reddy is a highly regressive film that portrays women in a bad light and they are entitled to their opinion.

But a few days later, the website removed the review and put up a new one with a rating of 4, by a different reviewer. This is unprecedented and the newspaper and the original reviewer have become the laughing stock of town.

By refusing to stand by their own reviewer, the newspaper painted itself in a bad light and as for the reviewer, apart from being trolled for calling Vijay Devarakonda, the ‘Emraan Hashmi of Tollywood’ in his review and stating that the film was dangerous to women and society and had nothing to offer, change in rating meant a loss in credibility.

But sources now tell us that a highly placed person in the newspaper group ordered the review to be changed. Why? Because Vijay Devarakonda had acted as co-host to the awards ceremony of the newspaper group and besides, he was being backed by KTR.

Apparently, Vijay Devarakonda had put in a call to this big man and the rest happened. So much for unbiased reviews!



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