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Vijay Devarakonda Becomes New Heartthrob

One film has changed the fortunes of Vijay Devarakonda. While conservative critics slammed “Arjun Reddy” for its content, the youth totally loved the movie. And more than the film's success, Vijay Devarakonda has another reason to celebrate. Well, he is the latest heartthrob of women.

Generally, women like heroes who do out and out romantic movies (eg: late Uday Kiran) or heroes who do family movies (like Venkatesh). But Vijay Devarakonda is mostly seen as a rebel. Still, he has become the latest heartthrob of women.

Majority of his followers on Facebook and the replies he gets on Twitter are from young girls and middle-aged women.

As most big stars in Telugu are doing mass movies, this young, handsome hero has struck a chord with women and youth. No wonder that he has been tagged as the latest heartthrob in the industry.

Interestingly, this star is also developing his image online with meticulous planning going by the posts and photo shoots he shares.



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