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Vijay Devarakonda, Another RVG In The Making?!

Vijay Devarakonda, Another RVG In The Making?!

Getting a compliment is a nice thing. However, sometimes a compliment can prove costly and for now, Arjun Reddy's hero Vijay Devarakonda seems to be too naïve to understand this.

It is known that his latest film Arjun Reddy has been creating loads of buzz among media, film circles and general public.

Probably, it's the first film in recent times where a particular cuss word has been used rather explicitly in a teaser.

Thanks to the usage, youth have gone crazy for the film and the film's premiere shows have been booked almost instantly. Given that the trailer has such a 'rebellious streak', the youth are keen to figure out how bold the film would be.

Adding spice to his film is the film's hero Vijay Devarakonda, who has been going overboard in using the word time and again during the film's promotion.

Till now, Vijay was known as a boy next-door in Pelli Choopulu. He played the middle-class boy who had no clue about his future to perfection. And that is his only claim to fame. Yet, Vijay Devarakonda seems to have taken his on-screen persona in Arjun Reddy tad too seriously.

His crazy antics have attracted the attention of none other than Ram Gopal Varma who said Vijaya Devarakonda was 'very similar to him'.

Now when someone like Ram Gopal Varma talks crazy, it is understandable. But when a young and upcoming hero talks in a 'no holds bar' manner, then it is not a good precedent.

One hopes that Vijay understands this at the earliest.



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