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Viewers Opinion: Trivikram Ran Out of Juice!

Viewers Opinion: Trivikram Ran Out of Juice!

Trivikram is one of the filmmakers who know the pulse of the audience better. He can use a star’s full potential to deliver a blockbuster. His strength lies in creating funny scenes out of any given situation.

He is also known for creating intelligent elevation scenes that gives goose bumps to fans. Strangely none of his strengths were at display in Agnyaathavaasi.

It turned out to be an absolute silly and pointless film where nothing has worked in its favor. There is not a single scene that is worth watching again.

One would expect a star hero’s cameo scene to have some significance in the film. But the scene written for Venkatesh seemed like a joke. One will keep wondering whether Trivikram has written and shot this scene. The silliness and pointlessness of the scene will leave question marks over upcoming ideas of Trivikram.

Agnyaathavaasi is an alarming sign of Trivikram’s dwindling creativity.

“He has ran out of juice,” is what viewers opine after watching this hundred crore mess that he created.

Neither Pawan Kalyan nor anybody can be blamed for this film except Trivikram as he is the captain of the film. No one would have dared to question his conviction or his ideas going by his impeccable track record.

Trivikram simply took it for granted and made a rubbish film without caring much about his reputation and the producer’s investment.

Let’s hope that he bounces back with vengeance and reclaim his market and position with his next film. 



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