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Varma Sets A New Trend

Well, trust those who are called Varma to try something different every single time. Probably, it has got to do with their name.

Of course, usually Ram Gopal Varma tries bizarre things to grab audiences’ attention. But this time, we are talking about Sudheer Varma who has directed Dochey that released yesterday.

Well, in his film, the heroine called Meera is a medico and is shown smoking cigarettes. In fact, the film’s hero Naga Chaitanya even pulls her leg saying, ‘don’t you watch Mukesh ad before the movie screening in theatres?’ Still, she gives a damn and goes about smoking.

In the past, if the lead actors were shown indulging in alcohol or smoking, they would mend their ways by the time the film ended. Of course times have changed and people’s lifestyle has changed.

So, in Sudheer Varma’s film the heroine is anything but apologetic. Maybe he was simply trying to reflect the lifestyle of present day women, especially in software industry.

In a way, Varma has indeed set a trend of sorts.



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