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Vamsi Backs Out, Akhil 2 Back To Square One

Akhil Akkineni who has waited for a long time to find a director for his second film decided to go with Vamsi Paidipalli who has won accolades for Oopiri.

Nagarjuna was happy to put Akhil’s second film in the safe hands of Vamsi Paidipalli who has proved to be a minimum guarantee director with films like Brundavanam, Yevadu and Oopiri to his credit.

Vamsi wanted to write a fresh love story for Akhil, but Akkineni camp is interested in remaking Bollywood blockbuster Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Vamsi doesn’t want to do back to back remakes as it would hamper his image as a filmmaker. His previous film Oopiri too was a remake of French classic. So Vamsi wants to do a fresh subject, but Akkinenis are in defence with Akhil’s first film Akhil biting dust at the box office.

Nagarjuna and Akhil wanted to play it safe and go with a proved subject rather going with a fresh script. If the buzz is to be believed Vamsi Paidipalli has backed out of this project as he isn’t ready to do another remake at this point.

So both Vamsi and Akhil should start searching for a new hero and director respectively.



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