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Vaitla To Make A Movie Under Tight Budget

Sreenu Vaitla is in bad phase right now. He delivered two duds in a row and producers of both the movies landed in big financial mess. Hence many top line producers who gave advance to Sreenu Vaitla earlier didn't come forward to produce his new movie. 

Still producers Tagore Madhu and Bujji are making a movie with him with Varun Tej as hero. But sources say, they have put in many conditions to Vaitla.

He is asked to complete the movie under tight budget and if he crosses the stipulated amount, he has to bear the expenses.

Hence, Vaitla agreed to take only upcoming heroines than the top actresses to reduce the budget. If he had opted for a big heroine like Samantha or Tamannah, the movie would cost more. Instead he has taken Lavanya Tripathi and Hebbah Patel, their remuneration together is much less than Samantha's pay.

Vaitla reportedly told the producers that he made 'Bruce Lee' as per the script, so he was not at fault for its debacle. So he has written his own story for Varun Tej's movie.



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