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Unacceptable: Balakrishna Totally Out of Control

Unacceptable: Balakrishna Totally Out of Control

What is happening to Balakrishna who used to be a well behaved person at the public events? He is repeatedly making news for all the wrong reasons.

His foul language directed at media at the GHMC polls came as a shocker. Later he went on to insult Chiranjeevi on record for no good reason.

Now he makes some nasty comments at an audio launch, which makes it pretty clear that something is not right with the veteran superstar.

Balakrishna’s speech at Savitri audio launch was absolutely shocking as the actor crossed limits in an attempt at humor.

He tried to ‘educate’ Nara Rohith to be as naughty as him. “konchem ravali maa polikalu kooda. Gilladu, podavadalu… Nenu chudani etthulu levu, naku teliyali lothulu levu,” Balakrishna said while referring to his behavior with heroines.

He didn’t stop there. With everyone laughing at his comments, Balakrishna stated that his fans don’t like to see him running around girls.

“Velli muddu ayina pettali, kadupu ayina cheseyyali, anthe!” he said but quickly realized his mistake and tried to correct himself by adding ‘commit ayina aipovali’. Being an MLA and a senior most actor, this kind of talk is totally uncalled for.

Media that makes a hue and cry of every petty issue about other film celebrities is surprisingly paying a deaf ear to whatever Balakrishna says and blind eye to whatever he does.

A section of media is editing out that nasty stuff prior to uploading the video on internet.



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