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Two Bald Men Fighting Over A Comb

Hyderabad: Nagababu’s outburst against Ram Gopal Varma and the latter’s equally ferocious response is nothing short of amusing.

At the pre-release event of Khaidi No 150, there was no need for Nagababu to have broached the subject of RGV but he did and it distilled the positive atmosphere of the event.

Similarly, RGV need not have it back at Nagababu but he once again availed of the opportunity to garner free publicity.

Truth of the matter is, neither Nagababu nor RGV would earn any respect with their actions. Nagababu’s identity continues to be as brother of Chiranjeevi and that of RGV as a social media anarchist who once made commendable films.

The clash between these two is similar to two bald men fighting for a comb.



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