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Tweet Review: 'Mister', first day, first show

Two films belonging to extreme genres are clashing today at the box office. Sreenu Vaitla’s Mister is all class with lots of emotions, entertainment and romance.

On the other hand, Lawrence’s Shivalinga is a typical potboiler that falls in the successful horror-comedy genre.

As expected, Mister’s bookings across the plexes are decent and Shivalinga should open well at the single screens.

Mister is a key film for Sreenu Vaitla, Varun Tej and its producers. Winner from this banner was total disaster and they would be hoping that Mister would be a big hit to bail them out of those losses.

Sreenu Vaitla needs to bounce back to get back into the big league. Varun is in need of a big hit to solidify his place among the medium range heroes.

Greatandhra brings to you the Mister experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Mister...Movie begins with a voiceover. Story begins in Andhra Karnataka border.

Villain (Nithin Dar) and village chief Picchhayya Naidu and his rival (Tanikella) are introduced.

Varun Tej who is living abroad with his parents meets Hebbah at an airport lounge.

Varun Tej's name is Chai, while Hebbah's name is Meera.

Here comes the first song that is shot on Varun Tej and Hebbah on the streets of various foriegn cities.

Hebbah and Varun are now looking for K N Rao. She came to this country to stay in KN Rao's house but due to some confusion she now stays at Varun's house.

Spoof on Nagarjuna's Oopiri. Raghu Babu as wheelchair bound guy called Vodka Prasad, Srinivas Reddy as Seenu and Tejaswi as Tamannah. This spoof is hilarious.

Movie is progressing with routine scenes. First fight has also happened.

Here comes second song "Edo Edo Bagunde" ...A good melody. Shot on Hebbah and Varun in Spain.

Varun is in love with Hebbah but she is in love with another guy called Siddhu. She tell him this. Shocked Varun, sends off Hebbah to India.

After Hebbah goes to India, she makes a call to Varun and Informs him that Siddhu (Prince) is refusing to marry her. Varun lands in India to solve her issue.

Introduction of Prudhvi as movie director.

Introduction of Lavanya. As Varun traveling in a bus in the village in Karnataka, she boards the same bus.

A routine heroine intro song on Lavanya reminds us of old M S Raju's movies. "kanulake..." song is going on.

Hebbah escapes from her brother, joins Varun. Varun, Hebbah, Prince and Lavanya are escaping.....the villain gang headed by Hebbah's brother chases the. Big action episode.

But the gang actually came. That is the twist.

First half ends with routine interval bang.

Second half begins with the introduction of so many gangs, so many other characters.

Movie is progressing with Varun, Hebbah and Lavanya are trying to escape from one village to other village as so many gangs after them.

Now time for item song "Nee Meeda Manasayare"

In a sudden twist, Lavanya's father ( Murali Sharma) fixes her marriage with Varun as comes to know that he has a rudraksha mole on his body.

Long back, a jyothishya tells that if she gets married to such person who has rudraksha mole, her life will be happy.

Another duet. "Sayyore Sayyore". Shot on Varun Tej and Lavanya. Dull song.

Typical Sreenu Vaitla's confusion comedy is happening. Aimless drama is going on.

Varun accidentally lands in his grandfather's house. An emotional sequence. Then comes another song - "Sankranti" song. Boring number.

Now Hebbah wants to get married to Varun even though he already got engaged to Lavanya. On the other hand, Lavanya is ready to sacrifice.

Movie heading towards climax.

And movie ends on predictable note. As usual Vaitla ends with a message - "Premani manam vetukkuntoo velthe Prema manalni vetukkuntoo vastundi."

Review follows later.



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