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Tweet Review: 'MCA', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'MCA', first day, first show

In-form Nani has delivered back to back super hits earlier this year with Nenu Local and Ninnu Kori. The success of those films has cemented Nani’s place on top at the mid-table and his popularity and stardom have taken a flight.

Advance booking trends of MCA itself shows how big a star Nani is at the moment. Middle Class Abbay is the sixth film to come out of Dil Raju’s production this year. Dil Raju and Nani are hoping to sign off their lucky year on a high with MCA.

The film has Sai Pallavi as the female lead. She is flying high after the success of Fidaa and will definitely be an added bonus for the craze surrounding the film.

Sriram Venu who failed to impress with his debut film Oh My Friend will be hoping to make use of this opportunity.

MCA is sure to take a flying start at the box office, but it will face serious competition from Hello that is releasing tomorrow.

Greatandhra brings to you the MCA experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

MCA Middle Class Abbayi UA 144 min

Movie begins with Nani enquiring about the condition of a guy who is in coma in a hospital in Warangal and he says "Akkaada Oopiri Aagipothey Ikkada Pranam Aagipothu di".

Flashback. Hyderabad. Few months ago. Nani is presented as a young guy having fun with his friends.

He breaks into a song "Meme Middle Class Abbayilamu MCA".

Movie has moved to Warangal when his vadhina Bhumika gets transferred.

Nani goes to Warangal to stay with her as his brother (Rajeev Kanakala) went to Delhi on his office training.

Comedy scenes are going on.

Here comes heroine Sai Pallavi. Love at first sight.

Sai Pallavi is Pallavi. Student.

Romance is different. Sai Pallavi is beautiful

Here comes the first duet - "Yemaindho Teliyadu Naku".

Intloduction of villain Shiva, a criminal right from his childhood. The villain role is being played by Bollywood artist Vijay Varma.

Vijay operates private busses without license.

Sai Pallavi turns out to be Bhumika's sister. She enters into his house. Some funny scenes are going on.

This part is most interesting point of the movie....the romantic track.

Another romantic song "Kotthga Kothaga" is going on.

Movie is heading towards interval bang.

Shiva threatens to kill Bhumika. Nani enters the scene. Fight sequence.

Intermission: First half is decent. Routine story but the romantic thread is interesting. Two songs are good.

Second half begins with Nani offering apologies to Shiva for beating him.

But Shiva still threatens that he will kill Bhumika. Nani takes challenge from Shiva - if Shiva succeeds in killing Bhumika in 10 days, he will not touch Nani. If Nani saves Bhumika in 10 days, Shiva will not enter into their lives again.

Now scenes are going how Nani tries to save while Siva team planning to attack her.

Now comes family song. "it's a family party"

Movie is going slowly.

Nani averts another attempt of Shiva.

Now comes "Evandoyi Nanni garu" song.

Finally Shiva abducts Bhumika and keeps her in a place. Can Nani find her now?

Movie is heading towards final episodes.



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