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Tweet Review: 'Jai Lava Kusa', first day, first show

The most awaited film Jai Lava Kusa is finally here. It is hitting the marquee today amid very high expectations.

The film is releasing in about 2500 screens across the globe and is the biggest ever release mong Non-Baahubali films. Advance booking trends clearly suggest that people are eagerly waiting to watch NTR in triple roles.

NTR chose Jai Lava Kusa over many other scripts that he heard post Janatha Garage. He is mighty impressed with director Bobby’s script that he signed up Jai Lava Kusa in spite of not so impressive track record of the director.

Nearly Rs. 90 crore is riding on Jai Lava Kusa, which is the first big release of the season. The film needs to make the most of its first six days as Mahesh’s Spyder is slated for release on Sep 27.

Greatandhra brings to you the Jai Lava Kusa experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet

Jai Lava Kusa. UA. 158 min.

Movie begins with stage show. Jai, Lava. Kusa.....the kids are performing.

In the very beginning it is established that Jai has stammering problem. Hence he is not used in stage plays, while Lava and Kusa are treated royally. So, Jai turns into Ravana.

A fire accident happens. The brothers got separated.

End of childhood episodes.

Now first song. "Dochesta..." Song is bad. Colors are gaudy. NTR's steps are okay.

Scenes on Kusa, the thief episodes are going on.

Introduction of Lava, the bank employee. An accident brings the two brothers Lava and Kusa back.

Now back story of Lava is going on.

Introduction of first heroine. Raashi Khanna as Priya, the marriage bureau owner.

Priya (Raashi) arranges an alliance for Lava with Nandita. But Lava realizes that he is actually in love with Priya.

Lava lands in trouble professionally too. He needs to recover a loan of one crore from a guy.

End of back story of Lava which is quite boring. Movie is going slow manner.

Now Kusa turns as Lava and enters as Kusa in bank.

"Idi Bank aa Bangkok aa.." this is the only one hilarious dialogue so far.

Movie is going boring way.

"Tring Tring" song has come. Lavish. Terrific dance steps by NTR.

Now here comes the most awaited character - Jai, the Raavan Maharaj. Third NTR in the role of Jai enters in a bang. Good intro.


First half report: Barring intro of Jai character, interval bang and the Tring Tring song, movie has nothing much to offer. Let's wait for second half to see the magic of Jai.

Second half begins with the story of Jai. Why and how he has become Raavan of Bhairavapuram, a coal mine area is being told.

The rivalry between Sarkar (Ronit Roy) and Raavan is established. Raavan fields as MP against Sarkar.

Here comes the three characters together - Jai, Lava and Kusa. All three NTR roles in one frame.

Andamaina lokam song is going on.

Jai has brought Lava and Kusa to act like him. Lava has to beg votes for him in public and Kusa should impress Simran (Nivetha Thomas). Both should behave as Jai.

"Nee Kallalona Katuka ..." song is here.

Another song comes within short gap. The item song by Tamannna is going on.

All three NTR's are now performing for a stage play at Jai's home. Lengthy natakam.

Pre-climax fight sequence is happening. Movie is heading towards the end.



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