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Tweet Review: 'DJ', first day, first show

Allu Arjun who has been consistently performing at the top is back with Duvvada Jagannadham. It is his third film in Dil Raju’s banner. 

Dil Raju played a vital role in shaping up Allu Arjun’s career with Arya and Parugu movies in the beginning stages of the actor’s journey.

Director Harish Shankar who had a career with many swings till now is back to directing a big star after Ramayya Vastavayya.

He showed a lot of promise after back to back hits with Mirapakay and Gabbar Singh, but Ramayya Vastavayya put him on the back foot.

His last film Subramanyam for Sale performed decently, but scoring a success with a big movie like DJ is important to put him back in the reckoning.

Greatandhra brings to you the DJ experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet 

Movie begins at 8:45 AM

DJ Duvvada Jagannadham. 156 min. UA. Titles roll on.

Story begins in Vijayawada some years ago.

"Manam cheese panilo manchi kanapadali Kani manishi kanapadalisina avasaram ledu" - seems to be the philosophy of the story.

Childhood episodes are going on.

Story comes to present times.

Here comes Allu Arjun as Duvvada Jagannadham, the Brahmin youth. A terrific introduction scene.

Bejawada antene paina Ammavaru, Kinda Kammavaru - a dialogue.

First fight. Duvvada Jagannadham (Allu Arjun) kills goons and evil persons with the help of a police officer (Murali Sharma). When he does these things his name is DJ.

DJ title song is going on.

Pooja Hegde's introduction scene is here.

Movie is going a bit slow.

Pooja Hegde appears in bikini. Allu Arjun meets her at swimming pool.

Second song - "Mecchuko Mecchuko" is happening after Pooja gave kiss to Bunny.

Pooja rejects Bunny's proposal saying she was playing a prank with him.

Chandra Mohan, Allu Arjun's uncle commits suicide due to a land scam by Agro Diamond company.

Now DJ decides to take on Agro Diamond company owned by Royyala Naidu (Rao Ramesh).

It is revealed that Pooja Hegde is daughter of Posani, a politician. 

Posani arranges an alliance with Subbaraju but after meeting him, she understands that she is actually in love with Duvvada Jagannadham.

Now comes the terrific duet "Asmaika". It is beautifully shot in Abu Dhabi.

Fight sequence.

Interval bang. Allu Arjun's ultimatum to Rao Ramesh over phone.

Post interval.

Pooja comes to Vijayawada to meet  Bunny. Story is back to romantic track.

Now it is time for another song "Box Baddalaipoye".

Now Royyala Naidu starts mind game by threatening Duvvada's sister and his friend.

Big fight sequence.

Now All Arjun tells Pooja that he is DJ. Still she says she loves him.

Immediately comes another duet -"Seeti Maar"

Now story moves to Abu Dhabi as Allu Arjun wants to bring down Subbaraju, son of Royyala Naidu, to Hyderabad.

Subbaraju only later knows that he was hoodhinked by All Arjun.

Story is moving towards climax.

Subbaraju's comedy in climax. Funny.

Movie ends on predictable note. Review follows.



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