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Trivikram - Suriya Movie Doubtful?

Kollywood superstar Suriya turned producer recently and produced "24" with lavish budget. But he is set to lose heavily on this project in Tamil though his film is performing extremely well in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The Telugu version can be considered a hit but the Tamil version has turned out to be a big flop. In this scenario, he is reportedly planning to hold his next film in the direction of Trivikram in Telugu.

At present, Suriya is shooting for his trusted director Hari's "Singham" franchise. After completion of this movie, he wanted to begin a movie in the direction of Trivikram in Telugu and Tamil. But the fate of "24" in Tamilnadu has made him to think otherwise. 

Trivikram has great grip on Telugu market but he may not understand what his fans in Tamilnadu want, Suriya is reportedly thinking.

Vikram Kumar's content has worked with Telugu audiences since he has made films in Telugu and he knows the market here but his taking didn't go well with the Tamilians.

Hence he doesn't want to take the risk of making a bilingual with Trivikram at this moment. He reportedly wants to do this movie after a year. 



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