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Trivikram Goes Over Budget

Well, some directors are known to make lavish films and some are known to make films on a tight budget. Trivikram surely belongs to the earlier category.

He is known to spend huge budgets on his films. Of course, he calls it a step towards 'perfection'. Since Athadu and Jalsa, all of Trivikram's films have been made with heavy budgets.

Due to this very reason, he has been restricted to working with Radha Krishna Banner. Though it is now more or less his home banner of sorts, he hasn't been considering cutting down on costs.

When A Aa was launched, it was planned with a limited budget. But by the time it got completed, the budget went over board. Luckily for the makers, the film was a huge hit and that settled the bills. But it is said that the profit margin was less due to production costs.

Right now, he is doing a film for Pawan Kalyan and it is said that he had given Trivikram Rs 100 crore for the film. But now the costs have escalated further.

However, since the film is doing amazing business thanks to the brand name of Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan, the producers are not worried. Else, the unit would have been in panic mode say industry insiders.

But many are wondering what the film will have given the budget. Surely we will know once the film reaches post-production stage.



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