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Trend: Actresses with Alcohol Addiction

The death of Sridevi has brought the issue of alcohol addiction among new-age heroines in Indian film industry. The number of actresses who can't live without a glass is huge in Bollywood.

Today all most all urban women in India are having drinks. IT professionals take drinks during weekends or party occasions. But in movie industry, some actors and film makers (male and female) have become slaves of alcohol.

What is alarming is that some actresses in Tollywood can't live without taking a bottle of wine or cans of beer every night.

Many of them suffer hangovers in the mornings and report to the sets late. This has become huge headache for the producers. has reported much news about couple of actresses who are addicted to this. Recently we reported that an actress has become too stout due to her habit of taking down cans of beers.

No one cares about moral aspect of actors and actresses taking alcohol but their addiction is worrying factor for the movie industry.



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