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Trailer: Thikka Thikkaga Undi!

Sai Dharam Tej's upcoming film Thikka audio was launched on Saturday evening in Hyderabad. Theatrical trailer of the film was also launched on the same stage. 

Mega fans are having high expectations on Tej’s new film as he scored a super hit with his previous outing Supreme. 

But Thikka trailer will bring down all the expectations as there is literally nothing in this 108 second trailer. The trailer remained true to its title with a mix of nonsensical shots that neither give an idea about the plot nor raise any curiosity.

Video: Watch Thikka Movie Trailer

Sai Dharam Tej too looked clueless in it with fake expressions and poor body language. Director Sunil’s previous film Om was a nightmarish experience. Seems like the director hasn’t learned any lesson from his last failure.

Hope Thikka has something decent that they couldn’t convey through this trailer. The makers should come up with a better cut if they want to rise hopes on the movie before it hits the marquee.



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