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Trailer Review: Jai Steals The Show!

Jai Lava Kusa trailer is intriguing despite revealing the whole plot in its trailer. NTR's demeanor and performance as Jai blows your minds off. Jai character single-handedly raises expectations on the film.

It is a story about three brothers Jai, Lava and Kusa. Jai is like Ravana and the other two brothers are identical to Rama and Lakshmana characters. Ravan takes away Sita and the other two should rescue her from him.

While the scenes of Lava and Kusa are ordinary, Jai takes the trailer to whole new level and sets the expectation meter at the maximum.

The trailer surely gurantees thunderous opening for Jai Lava Kusa. Get ready for Jai's show from Sep 21.



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