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Trade Talk: The Flop Saga Continues

Trade Talk: The Flop Saga Continues

Off season is affecting Telugu cinema business to a large extent as most of the theaters in Telugu states are running to almost nil audience.

Four films released last Friday but not even one is doing decent business. Bham Bolenath showed some promise prior to release but the film’s disappointing content let the audience down.

Bham Bolenath failed to take a decent start at the ticket windows and slipped further due to poor mouth talk.

Ram Leela makers made valiant attempts to catch the attention of filmgoers but they didn’t fall into their trap. Ram Leela will end up as biggest duds as the attendance in most of the screens running this film is negligible.

Dubbed films Maga Maharaju and Pisachi fared better than the above straight releases but even the buyers of these movies will not be able to recover the costs, say trade analysts.

Allari Naresh’s Bandipotu didn’t pick up in second week too. This will go down as one of the biggest flops in Naresh career.

Temper’s business almost came to a close in many areas. Barring a couple of territories buyers of Temper will lose some percent of their investment. 



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