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Trade Talk: AB Caught In A Financial Mess!

Gopichand's long delayed Aradugula Bullet was supposed to hit the marquee today. However, last minute troubles due to uncleared finances created last minute hurdles for the film.

Aaradugula Bullet didn’t release today and there is no clarity over new release date.

Many screens across Telugu states have been blocked by the buyers for Aaradugula Bullet and those exhibitors are screening other available movies that are currently in theaters.

With Aaradugula Bullet missing out of action, it is advantage Andhhagadu and Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam to cash in on another weekend without major competition.

Ami Thumi made it to the theaters but it is a very low budget film with limited release. So it wouldn’t hamper the run of other movies.

As per reviews and word of mouth, Vennela Kishore’s comedy in Ami Thumi has clicked. Positive buzz should ensure a decent first weekend at the box office for the film that has zero star appeal. 



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