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Trade Talk: A Aa Opens Big At Ticket Window

Last week was a dull one for Tollywood box office as Rayudu failed to make an impression. Despite drawing the attention of the masses, Rayudu failed to make use of it as it didn’t suit the sensibilities of our audience. Bichagadu made use of the vacuum and went on to become a much bigger hit.

As per trade sources Bichagadu has grossed around 6 crore until now. The investors that bought the film’s rights for half a crore have hit a jackpot. Brahmotsavam’s dismal show is another reason for Bichagadu’s phenomenal success.

Another film that made the most of Brahmotsavam failure is Supreme, which is now a safe venture for everyone that invested in it.

Latest release A Aa opened on a great note at the box office. As per early estimates, the film has collected over 5 crore share from the Telugu states on its day one.

With the talk being very positive and Brand Trivikram pulling huge crowds, A Aa is looking at a strong first weekend. The movie has to collect over 30 crore to be considered a safe venture for its buyers.



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