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Trade: Can He Deliver A Blockbuster?

Telugu cinema market has hit a lull from mid-February as most of the notable films ended up flops. Besides Chalo and Toli Prema, there aren’t any films that really kept the box office ticking in February. Theaters strike hampered the market further.

There wasn’t a single notable release in past couple of weeks, which makes Kirrak Party an important film for Tollywood trade.

Nikhil, who has proved to be a minimum guarantee actor, is coming up with a campus romance drama, which was a sensational blockbuster in Karnataka.

Kirrik Party turned out to be one of the biggest hits ever in Kannada cinema. Makers of the remake are expecting similar result in Telugu states too.

Nikhil is aggressively promoting the film as he believes that it could be as successful as Happy Days. It has been a while since a youthful film took the box office by storm. Films like these can really exceed expectations if they strike chord with the target audience.

Can Kirrak Party recreate the magic of the original? Let’s wait for public verdict on this Friday.



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