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Tough Times Ahead For Oopiri

Oopiri is being lauded by one and all for its sensible and feel good content. It has collect decent share in its first weekend, but it should continue to do well for many days to recover the high costs.

Oopiri was under production for many days which is one of the reasons for the high budget. As per producer Oopiri was made with a budget of 62 crore which include the interest rates on finances and publicity cost.

Buyers were skeptical about the box office performance of Oopiri that producers had to release it on their own.

Oopiri is doing well in Telugu but the reception from the Tamil audience is not so encouraging. So producers are banking upon the Telugu version to recover most of their investment. So Oopiri should do as well as Soggade Chinni Nayana to get into the safe zone.

Going by the collections in Ceded and Andhra region, Oopiri is unlikely to perform like Soggade Chinni Nayana. Even the Nizam numbers are not that great as of now.

Response from the masses is not encouraging because of classy content and the slow pace of the movie. Films like these must be made on a limited budget as they don’t cater to the masses. High production cost is proving to be a burden for Oopiri.



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