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Top Director Has Unique Problem

Top Director Has Unique Problem

He has had a slew of hits and is known for his commercial masala fare. Having worked with top heroes, most of his films have been hits and super hits.

But again, in the industry, despite all the fame and craze, there are some who are forever in the limelight, some who want to be in limelight and some who others make sure remain in limelight.

Boyapati finds himself in the third situation presently. His well-wishers in the industry have been sending feelers about his next.

First, it was said that he will be doing a film with Chiranjeevi. But the megastar is not free for another two years.

Then came the news that he might direct either Akhil or Naga Chaitanya. This news has been condemned by Nag.

Latest was about Boyapati-Mahesh Babu's combination. That news too turned out to be false.

Incidentally, barring Ram Charan, no one is free to do a film with him. And Charan himself is toying with the idea of doing a film with Merlapaka Gandhi. He is also busy with Rangasthalam.

Meanwhile, Boyapati's reputation is at stake. It is known that he is right now doing film with Bellamkonda Srinivas. If the film becomes a box-office success, then, Boyapati will sail through his test. Else, he will have to bear with the allegation that his films end up being hits only thanks to big stars.

But his well-wishers are nevertheless trying their best to keep him in news and get him a film with a big star ASAP before Bellakonda Srinivas's film hits the screens.



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