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Top Actress Battles Bizarre Questions About India!

Now that Priyanka Chopra spends a lot of time in America, she obviously has a lot of new friends and a social circle too.

But what surprises her is that in spite of the US being inhabited by such a large population of Indians, she's posed with some of the strangest questions by her friends and acquaintances.

She tells us, "People are shocked that I can speak fluently in English.They are so ignorant about what is happening in other parts of the world. I am also asked bizarre questions about snake charmers and cows walking on roads. I have to clarify that we do have snake charmers in our country but they aren't our next-door neighbours."

But that's some of the simpler questions that Priyanka has to face. She battles tougher ones on women's issues, particularly rape.

"The worst statement thrown at my face is `India is known for its rape cases'. I hear that in every interview. It's so difficult to defend it. Can you imagine standing there and speaking for people of my country? I want to tell them that it is not just in India.

Yes, the spotlight is on us right now and it is gruesome. But it is happening to women all around the world. Why are we not talking about that?

I can name five other countries where crime against women is on the rise.But, the fight shouldn't be about where rapes are more. Isn't it awful that rapes are happening at all? It is necessary to set our perspective right," says the actress.

Source: TimesOfIndia



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