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Top 5: Dull Weekend At Box Office

Top 5: Dull Weekend At Box Office

1) Awe: Nani-Prashant Varma’s ambitious out-of-the-box film Awe had a decent second weekend across multiplexes and A centers.

The film made on a very low budget will more or less recover its costs thanks to its strong show in the overseas market.

2) Tholi Prema: Varun Tej’s latest hit film Tholi Prema had another good weekend as none of the new releases took off.

The film is a hit all over Telugu states and also grossed Million Dollars in US too. The film has placed Varun Tej in the top league of mid range stars.

3) Sketch: Thanks to Vikram and Tamanna, this dubbed film was able to get some attendance compared to other releases in this week.

However it is nowhere close to Vikram’s actual market. Poor marketing and the original turning out to be a flop didn’t grab the attention of film viewing public.

4) Chalo: Chalo’s fantastic run almost came to an end with this weekend. The film has successfully crossed Rs. 10 crore share mark and emerged as the biggest hit in Naga Shourya’s career.

The actor’s confidence in the script paid off as he laughed all the way to bank by producing it.

5) Black Panther: The new super hero addition to the Marvel universe has done well in Hyderabad plexes. It is a hit in the global market and has been running successfully in India too.



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