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Tollywood Is Really Unfortunate To Have Missed A Good Script

When Vijayendra Prasad approached many in the Tollywood industry, his offer of an exemplary script was turned down.

The script was instantly taken by none other than the Superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan and the movie went on to become Bajrangi Bhaijan.

The reasons could be innumerate. From being a relegated character of the leading role, to cross-border script. Reason could anything, Tollywood could seamlessly afford to twist the script accordingly.

While our heroes always demand larger than life roles, the Bollywood heroes are taking it easy.

After looking at Bajrangi Bhaijan, there could be some oops moments in the TFI for missing on such a good storyline, even a remake wouldn’t substitute the freshness of a good movie. Really unfortunate guys!



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