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Tollywood Feeling Safer In Hyderabad?

Tollywood Feeling Safer In Hyderabad?

The controversy over selection of winners of Nandi awards by the Andhra Pradesh government and the subsequent insulting comments made by IT minister Nara Lokesh against the Tollywood personalities have spoiled the image of the Chandrababu Naidu government to a great extent.

The chief minister is said to be feeling so much embarrassed that he has reportedly cancelled the plan to hold a huge function at Pavitra Sangamam on the banks of Krishna River to give away the Nandi awards. May be the function will be held in a low key at a convention centre in Vijayawada.

On the other hand, the Telugu film industry is said to be very much disturbed over the controversy over Nandi awards.

While some awardees like Posani Krishna Murali announced that they were rejecting the awards, others are also said to be not keen on attending the function to receive the awards, if it is held in the near future.

The controversy has really widened the gap between the Tollywood and the Andhra Pradesh government.

Sources say the industry bigwigs are feeling more comfortable in Hyderabad, as the Telangana government is giving them a royal treatment and providing them all the facilities.

Besides, almost all the big studios are in Hyderabad and so, there is no specific need for them to move to Andhra Pradesh.

“Unless there is a major need, there is no point in shifting to Andhra Pradesh right now. Let the AP government create a positive atmosphere and provide all the infrastructure. Then, we can think of expanding to AP,” sources in the industry said.



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